WINNERS Spring TPC League 2024

We know that many of you have watched online the final battles of the Spring TPC League and cheered for your favorite players! It’s time to present you the WINNERS of Spring TPC Platinum & Spring TPC Gold & Spring TPC Silver Platinum 1st place - Osku Palermaa 450€ with Premium 2st place - Rihards Kovaļenko 300€ with Premium 3st place - Grant Dugan 200€ with Premium 4st place - Viktor Miroshnichenko 120€ with Premium Gold 1st place - Oleksandr Bohatyrov 350€ with Premium 2st place - Audrey Skopnick 200€ with Premium 3st place - Nancy vanderHeide 100€ with Premium 4st place - Nataliia Miroshnychenko 80€ with Premium Silver 1st place - Natali Miroshnychenko 50€ 2st place - Gunita Vasilevska 100€ with Premium 3st place - Yuliia Guskova 20€ with Premium 4st place - Ed Marshall 15€ with Premium Thank all the players for participating! Creat job everyone!