Winners St. Valentines 9 Pin

St’ Valentine gave us a funny 9 Pin tournament Thanks to all the participants! How did you like it? Here are the winners & their prizes 1st place - Ossian Kinnari TPC T-shirt 2nd place - Vitalii Starykovskyi TPC bowling towel set 3rd place - Valera Miroshnychenko TPC bowling towel The best female player is Nataliia Miroshnychenko. She will get a TenPinCam Bowling towel The BEST Couple will get a Special Valentine’s gift And we have two wonderful couples 1.Vitalii Starykovskyi& Наталiя Мальована 2. Valera Miroshnychenko & Natalii Miroshnychenko Well done! Congratulations to everyone!