Osku Palermaa


"TenPinCam is a great tool for becoming a better bowler with all the different functions. I can learn physical game and lane play by watching myself and others live or from video archives and what’s best I can do this from the comfort of my home center or even home.Tournaments, challenges and battles will help with both at needing to shoot a score and at those pressure packed must have situations!So hit your closest TPC center and let’s Battle it out!"

Ben Robinson


"After discovering TenPinCam it has enabled me to put my training into practise at any time by enabling me to compete against hundreds of others when ever I feel ready. App is basic and easy to use which is just what we need! Brilliant!"

Andrew Steel


"The app is great fun to use with so many different tournaments and game modes to choose from. The practice mode is a great way to track your progress.The application is also very easy to use and has a very appealing UI.The ability to play against other people in different countries is amazing! Especially with the virus going around at the moment you can play someone within the safety of your own centre.Would definitely recommend this app to any bowler out there."

Grant Dugan


"TenPinCam is a welcome revolution to add a new dimension to the game. I was delighted to be approached for the initial testing of the roll-out of the concept, the system has many capabilities and possibilities for both the recreational and competitive bowler."

Martina Schuetz


"The concept of TenPinCam is giving you exactly that with one big plus. The main player is not someone holding a phone or a joystick controlling a character in a virtual environment! The actual player is you in a real environment and only the type and concept of competition is virtual. An amazing idea that now with the pandemic with the real competitions not being as many it’s a great opportunity to stay active and competitive!"

Brian  Gillespie


"TenpinCam is a very innovative service, combining somewhat ""normal"" technologies to give a modern and technological twist to the sport we all love, bowling!!! For me it is a great way of practicing not only your physical game but also the competitive side too, without having to fly all over the world! And throughout the pandemic we (bowlers) all know how hard it has been to keep competition ready! I believe it is truly revolutionary and has the potential to continue growing! and I definitely recommend "