Jan-Feb Open winners

Jan-Feb Open winners

Have you asked what about the Jan-Feb Open results?
So, here are the places & prizes:
1. Toni Toivonen - 500 € with Premium
2. Jack Blyth - 350 € with Premium
3. Grant Dugan - 200 € with Premium
4. Dmitrijs Cebotarjovs - 150 € with Premium
5. Igor Olegovich - 100 € with Premium
6. Ivars Vinters - 75 € with Premium
7. Oleksandr Bohatyrov - 50 € with Premium

Best female player of Jan-Feb Open is Lauren Dugan, she has Premium tariff & gets 50 €.
Lucky player - Brian Gillespie gets a set of TenPinCam towels (he also has TPC Premium) - he was chosen by randomizer)
Grant Dugan gets 300 € for the first made 300 in the tournament!

Congratulations! Welcome to Mar-Apr Open!

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From the 1st of March handicap in TenPinCam app will be calculated based on your 25 last games.

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Campbell Gribben

Campbell Gribben

Campbell Gribben has got his prize for the 3rd place in Christmas Open tournament!
The prize was 325 € with Premium subscription! (65 € without subscription)

Campbell is under 18 y.o., so, he’s got a Proshop vaucher!
Isn’t it nice? Do you want the same? Download TenPinCam app & play!

Christmas Open winners

Christmas Open winners

No words needed now! Only names & numbers!!!
Have you won anything? Let’s see)
The prize depends on your tariff, don’t forget about it!

Igor Olegovich - 400 €
Campbell Gribben - 325 €
Oleksandr Bohatyrov - 250 €
Ben Robinson - 200 €
Lucas Fresnel - 150 €
Rihards Kovaļenko - 100 €
David Seay - 15 € (no Premium tariff!!!)
Artemy Hudiakov - 50 €
Volodymyr Horb - 25 €

Best female player - Gunita Vasilevska, she has Premium tariff & gets 25 €
Lucky player chosen by randomizer - Ričards Fukss, he wins 5 € without Premium tariff. But he could win 25 € if he played with TenPinCam subscription))

Congratulations to everybody!!! See you in Jan-Feb Open!

Prizes in “Youth TPC Practice”

Prizes in “Youth TPC Practice”

Youth is our future! We are glad to support young sportsmen & give them an opportunity to use modern innovative ways of practicing using TenPinCam app.

As usual we give presents to the best & the most active players of Practice tournament. So, TPC t-shirt gets Rihards Kovalenko (Ltvia) for the best game & Nolann Faguais (France) for his 14 games!
Congratulations, guys!

Cross-lane in TenPinCam

Cross-lane in TenPinCam

When you give us new ideas for making TenPinCam app better we a very happy to bring it to life for you!
Now you can play cross-lane using the app & playing in any TPC tournament!
Welcome! See you in the app!

"Osku Challenge 3" winners

"Osku Challenge 3" winners

Gifts are here! Gifts from Santa Osku!

Good boys usually take the opportunity to win something in TenPinCam app)) So, they win!
Let’s see the winners of Osku Challenge 3!

1. Volodymyr Horb wins online training with Osku Palermaa
2. Andrius Pelakauskas gets TenPinCam T-shirt autographed by Osku Palermaa
3. Ivars Vinters gets TenPinCam set of bowling towels
4. Daniel Chapelle gets TPC subscription for 2 months

Congratulations, guys!
Thank you, Osku Palermaa!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas our friends!

We wiish you health, new victories & progress!
We are happy each time we see you in the app! You give us strength and faith in our application, your games inspires us to new developments and the most fantastic ideas we try to implement for you!

Thank you to be with us!

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