Connect your bowling center to TenPinCam and get 50 €!

Connect your bowling center to TenPinCam and get 50 €!

Connect your bowling center to TenPinCam and get 50 €! Coordinate the connection with your bowling center & give us the contacts in private message. After the connection we will send you 50€ to PayPal. Hurry up! The offer is valid until 30.11.2023! Oh yeah! Сonnecting to TenPinCam is FREE for now!

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Jul-Aug Open Winners

Jul-Aug Open Winners

The Jul-Aug Open tournament has finished and it's time to announce the winners!
Let's be happy for everyone and meet them with applause!

Here are the winners:

1. Jack Blyth – 300 € with Premium
2. Valera Miroshnychenko – 250 € with Premium
3. Dmitrijs Cebotarjovs – 200 € with Premium
4. Viktor Miroshnychenko – 150 € with Premium
5. Dima Moldavets – 100 € with Premium
6. Artemy Hudiakov – 75 € with Premium
7. Rihards Kovaļenko – 50 € with Premium

The Best female player is Nataliia Miroshnychenko - 50 € with Premium.
Lucky player with Premium - Aaron Claxton will get a T-shirt from TenPinCam. Randomizer chose him (number 11).

You have all tried very hard and now it's time to enjoy the results of your work!
Congratulations to everyone!

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Crazy Pins 2023 Winners

Crazy Pins 2023 Winners

Crazy Pins Tournament held from May 22 to July 15 finished and it's time to find out who took the first three places!

Are you ready? And here they are! Our crazy winners:

1. Volodymyr Horb - 100€ with Premium
2. David Clement – 20€ no Premium
3. Manoah Gueret – 10€ no Premium

Congratulations to everyone! You are great fellows!

Thanks to everyone who took part! Do not despair, there are still many tournaments ahead and there are many chances to win prizes!

Good luck to everyone!

Jun-Jul Open Winners

Jun-Jul Open Winners

Wow! We meet the Winners of the Jun-Jul Open Tournament! They worked hard and won prizes!
Our heroes and their prizes:

1. Jack Blyth – 80€ no Premium
2. Artemy Hudiakov – 250€ with Premium
3. Ivars Vinters – 200€ with Premium
4. Volodymyr Horb – 40€ no Premium
5. Paul Greig – 35€ no Premium
6. Dmitrijs Cebotarjovs – 75€ with Premium
7. Māris Dukurs – 50€ with Premium

The Best female player is Misaki Mukotani!
Lucky player with Premium - Dima Moldavets will get a T-shirt from TenPinCam. He was chosen by randomizer (number 28).

Congratulations to everyone! Well done!

1st month of Premium tariff is free

1st month of Premium tariff is free

Haven't tried the Рremium tariff yet? Do it! Because now the 1st month is free! Subscribe and get much higher money prizes with Premium

You will definitely like it!

*The offer is valid for those who has never bought Premium.

Free connection for bowling centers!

Free connection for bowling centers!

We have great news! By the end of the summer, we connect bowling centres to TenPinCam for FREE! We are ready to send a full set of our equipment, including all 4 cameras, for free. If you are an owner/representative of a bowling center, feel free to contact us! And if you are a player and your bowling center is not connected to the TPC platform so far, then get permission for the installation from the manager of the bowling club you play in or let us know the contacts! Take time to connect your bowling center before the end of August and play with the whole world!

Play worldwide live bowling!

Play worldwide live bowling!

TenPinCam is a unique platform for live bowling competitions between players from different countries. Everybody plays from his home alley! The games are held both in real time and at any convenient time for you. All games are recorded and saved in the application, so available for watching. Play, cheer and win money prizes!

TPC Practice 6 results

TPC Practice 6 results

The results are known of TPC Practice 6, held from Mar 1 to May 31.
The best player is Jack Blyth! He gets a set of 3 towels from TenPinCam.
The most active player - David Clement, he gets 1 towels fromTenPinCam.
Congrats, guys!

Meanwhile, TPC Practice 7 has already started! Welcome!

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