Jan-Feb Open winners

Jan-Feb Open winners

Have you asked what about the Jan-Feb Open results?
So, here are the places & prizes:
1. Toni Toivonen - 500 € with Premium
2. Jack Blyth - 350 € with Premium
3. Grant Dugan - 200 € with Premium
4. Dmitrijs Cebotarjovs - 150 € with Premium
5. Igor Olegovich - 100 € with Premium
6. Ivars Vinters - 75 € with Premium
7. Oleksandr Bohatyrov - 50 € with Premium

Best female player of Jan-Feb Open is Lauren Dugan, she has Premium tariff & gets 50 €.
Lucky player - Brian Gillespie gets a set of TenPinCam towels (he also has TPC Premium) - he was chosen by randomizer)
Grant Dugan gets 300 € for the first made 300 in the tournament!

Congratulations! Welcome to Mar-Apr Open!

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From the 1st of March handicap in TenPinCam app will be calculated based on your 25 last games.

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TPC Practice 4 results

TPC Practice 4 results

TPC Practice - is a regular simple TPC tournament that can help you feel the app, can be used while warming up before other tournaments & even get prises!

The best player in “TPC Practice 4” is Lysandre Akwa!
The most active player - Gunita Vasilevska!
They both get TPC t-shirts! Congratulations!

Nevertheless, TPC Practice 5 has already started!

Aututmn TPC Platinum results

Aututmn TPC Platinum results

Congratulations to all the participants of Autumn TPC League! Now it is finished!

The Platinum FINAL was very exciting! That was a pretty intense struggle for the champion title!
Bravo Osku Palermaa! Bravo Ivars Vinters!

Congratulations to our double Platinum champion Osku Palermaa
The winners get their prizes:

1. Osku Palermaa - 250 eur
2. Ivars Vinters - 150 eur
3. Rihards Kovalenko - 50 eur
4. Veronika Hudjakova - TPC subscription for 3 months

‼️Attention players! TPC Winter League Starts December 1st!
The entrance is free! The prize fund is…
let it be intrigue)))

Crazy Pins 3 winners

Crazy Pins 3 winners

Double HDC is very funny, did you like it?
Here are the results of that cool competition “Crazy Pins 3!”

1. Sergey Zinchenko TPC subscription for 3 months
2. Ruslan Maximenko TPC subscription for 2 months
3. Volodymyr Horb TPC subscription for 2 months
4. Oleksandr Bohatyrov TPC subscription for 1 month
5. Vladimir Sokur TPC subscription for 1 month
6. Kierron Deans TPC subscription for 1 mont
7. Normunds Rabkevičs TPC subscription for 1 month

Ruslan Maximenko is also the most active player, he played 19 matches!!! Ruslan gets TPC t-shirt!

Congratulations to everybody! That was fun!

Autumn TPC Gold results

Autumn TPC Gold results

France was very excited this evening! The question was - who will win in Autumn TPC Gold - Daniel Chapelle or Cedric Fafin?

2 games were played, they were so close, but…
2 wins made Cedric Fafin!


Cedric Fafin gets 150 €
Daniel Chapelle gets 100 €!

Thank you for great BATTLE!
Thank you Bowling Plaza for the alley!

Congratulations to the champions of Spring TPC Gold & Silver!

Congratulations to the champions of Spring TPC Gold & Silver!

Congratulations to the champions of Spring TPC Gold & Silver!
Volodymyr Horb & Alexander Bogatyrev!

That was amazing! 2 online final battles in the app!
Thank you, Juris Maurins & Gunita Vasilevska for this beautiful final!

What about the prizes?
Volodymyr Horb gets 150€
Juris Maurins gets 100€
Alexander Bogatyrev gets 100€
Gunita Vasilevska gets 50€

3, 4 places get 25€ each! They are:
Spring TPC Gold - JānisDzalbs, Vitaly Zadorozhny
Spring TPC Silver - Jurij Bokums, Ellie Bartram

3, 4 places in TPC Platinum get 50€ each! They are:
Simon Bartram & Ivars Vinters
Congratulations to everybody!

Toms Burkovskis

Toms Burkovskis

Toms Burkovskis has got his t-shirt for second place in March Open!
This guy is also the most active player of TPC Practice 2!

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